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Call for Papers: Volume-VIII

Critical Imprints (ISSN: 2319-4774)
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We must not forget to kiss the ghosts goodnight, to invite the demons to tea, to say hello to the monsters under the beds and give them all a patient hearing. This is Nikita Gill’s advice to us in her fascinating feminist exploration, Fierce Fairy Tales. And it is time we learnt to listen to "their" winter’s tales, if only to recognize that these are also stories of our own storm-tossed, shape-shifting existence. Today, in our pilgrimage to "Kiss the Dread," only the tales of the supernatural offer us a secure, secret passage. While the skyscrapers have replaced the caves, and the flickering lamps have given way to television and mobile phone screens, the growl of a bridegroom who is gradually transforming to a tiger, the sinister smile of the baby doll who sinks her fangs into human flesh, and the restless rovers rising out of crumbling coffins still continue to captivate us in our darkened drawing rooms. Little Mamillius’s stock of "sprites and goblins" have expanded - witches, zombies, vampires, mermaids, dragons, shamans, and poltergeists have followed.

Keeping in mind this ever-expanding range of these agents of the uncanny, it has been decided that Volume VIII of Critical Imprints will be devoted to ’The Supernatural in Literature’ in all its multidimensional manifestations. The following suggested areas may help scholars in their quest for the uncanny:

1. The Supernatural and the Bible
2. The Supernatural and the Epics
3. The Supernatural in Classical Literature
4. The Supernatural in Medieval and Renaissance Literature
5. The Growth of the Gothic
6. Romantic and Victorian Supernatural Literature
7. The Supernatural in Bengali and other Regional Literatures
8. The Supernatural Today: Literature, Film, and Television

This list, however, is neither restrictive nor exhaustive.

Please send abstracts of 250 - 300 words along with a brief bio-note (no more than 100 words) to lcengjournal@gmail.com by 15 April 2020. Those whose abstracts will be selected will be notified via email by 30 April 2020. Complete papers (4000-6000 words) are to be sent in by 15 June 2020.

All queries may be addressed to the email id provided above.

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